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Jun 06th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iranian knowledge-based firm develops innovation ecosystem

Iranian knowledge-based firm develops innovation ecosystem

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Iranian knowledge-based firm develops innovation ecosystem

An innovation ecosystem refers to a loosely interconnected network of companies and other entities that coevolve capabilities around a shared set of technologies, knowledge, or skills, and work cooperatively and competitively to develop new products and services, a study available online says.

The executive manager of the Iranian knowledge-based company "Andisheh Khat-e Sovom" Alireza Zare told Iranian media that "The innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem comprises of four different layers. in the first layer, there are governing institutions including regulatory and legislative institutions, at the top of which is the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy.

In the second layer, there are investors, which includes venture capital firms, bold investment funds, large economic enterprises that entered the field of startup and entrepreneurship investment in recent years, and angel investors," Zare added.

The third layer includes facilitators, which include science and technology parks, innovation centers, and growth centers, and in fact, these facilitators facilitate the links between investors and entrepreneurs and help improve the performance and rotation of this ecosystem," the  Khat-e Sovom exectutive director said, adding "In the fourth layer, there entrepreneurs who include startups, knowledge-based companies and technology cores that are formed in student teams and science and technology parks of different universities across the country.

According to Zare, "Each of these layers in the ecosystem has problems of their own and is facing their own challenges. Over the past years, the government has made a lot of efforts in the knowledge-based field, and a very good progress has been made in the knowledge-based and start-up ecosystem of the country, but there has been no proper recognition of the capabilities and potential of the entrepreneurial ecosystem yet.



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