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Jan 27th
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Home Sport All Sports Zionists advised against going to Qatar for World Cup

Zionists advised against going to Qatar for World Cup

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Zionists advised against going to Qatar for World Cup

Although no travel ban has been issued, Israelis are not recommended to fly to the Persian Gulf state that doesn’t have official relations with the Tel Aviv regime. Following daily situation assessments based on accounts of Israelis who experienced hostility from the locals and Arab fans from other countries, Qatar was given a level 3 warning, which is one level below enemy countries like Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq, the Israeli i24 TV channel website said.

Those Zionist fans who have already arrived in Qatar, which has approved direct flights from Tel Aviv to Doha for the duration of the World Cup, are advised to keep a low profile and not identify themselves as Israelis. It is not recommended to speak Hebrew in public or to display any Israeli or Hebrew symbols to avoid possible confrontations.

Israeli media, including i24NEWS correspondents, have previously reported unpleasant encounters with Arab fans in Qatar. However, the hostile behavior didn’t result in any serious incidents involving Zionist fans.



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