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Aug 13th
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Home Life and Style Food and Drink Sir-Qalyeh; Delicious Iranian Garlic Stew

Sir-Qalyeh; Delicious Iranian Garlic Stew

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Some 170 types of local foods are cooked in Gilan. Experts believe a favourable climate and fertile soil in the province contribute to the growth of different types of natural foods, including vegetables, fruit, beans, etc. and are the reason behind the food diversity in Gilan. One of the foods originally made in Gilan is the Sir-Qalyeh made with fresh garlic leaves, chicken or duck, eggs and split peas. It has a unique and delicious taste.

First, wash the garlic leaves and cut them with a knife into half-a-centimetre pieces. Then sauté them with shredded onion until the mixture turns gold. Then add the split peas, salt, pepper and turmeric and sauté the whole stuff for some more time.

Chop the chicken or duck into small pieces and remove the bones. Fry them in another pan. Then add to it the mixture of onion, garlic leaves and split peas. Add some water and allow the ingredients to be cooked through. Then add vinegar or sour orange juice.

When some of the food’s water is evaporated, beat the eggs with a fork and add it to the ingredients. The food can be served after five minutes.



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