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Sep 30th
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Home Culture Cultural News Arrogant West in decline in region, entire world: Leader

Arrogant West in decline in region, entire world: Leader

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Arrogant West in decline in region, entire world: Leader

On the occasion of the Hajj season, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei issued an important message to the all Muslim brothers and sisters attending Hajj rituals.

At the start of his message, the Leader of the Islamic Republic urged for unity among all the Muslims and awakening in the face of enemies.

The unity of the Muslim nation is one of the two basic foundations of the Hajj Pilgrimage,” his message reads, according to the Press TV website.

Pointing to the “extensive” efforts of enemies to “weaken the two life-giving elixirs of Islamic unity and spirituality”, he named “promoting a western lifestyle” as a tool that enemies typically use.

Ayatollah Khamenei further noted that this Islamic self-awareness has led to the creation of a “wondrous, miraculous phenomenon” of “Resistance”.

He went on to name Palestine as one of the manifestations of resistance as it has been able to “bring down the rebellious Zionist regime from its state of aggression and howling to a defensive, passive stance.

Hailing the “proud model of power and political Islamic governance in Islamic Iran”, Ayatollah Khamenei said the “stability, independence, progress, and honor” of the Islamic Republic is attracting the thoughts of “every conscious Muslim.

According to the Leader, “the sovereignty of Islam in the legislative and executive branches of governance, reliance on the vote of the people in the country's most important administrative matters, [and] complete political independence and a refusal to rely on any oppressive powers” are among the basic principles in the Islamic Republic.

This trend in the Islamic world, continued Ayatollah Khamenei, is a source of worry for arrogant powers as they will “employ all their resources” to confront it. went on to name soft warfare, inducement, intimidation, and the criminal Zionist regime among the tools used by enemies to fight Islamic awakening.

Noting that enemies’ efforts “have failed in most cases”, he added, “the arrogant West has become weaker by the day in our sensitive region and, more recently, throughout the whole world.

The Islamic Revolution Leader stressed that, "The Arrogant West has become weaker on a daily basis in our sensitive region and, more recently, throughout the whole world. the failure of the US and the Israeli regime can be seen clearly," adding that, “The distress and failure of the United States and its criminal accomplice, the usurper [Zionist] regime in the region, can clearly be seen.



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