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Aug 13th
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Home Economy Economy News TPO launches platform to provide traders with info on destination markets

TPO launches platform to provide traders with info on destination markets

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TPO launches platform to provide traders with info on destination markets

TEHRAN – Head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) has announced launching a platform that provides traders with a database containing information on Iran’s trade partners, the TPO portal reported.

According to Alireza Peyman-Pak, the mentioned database has been established as part of the organization’s strategy to move towards smart business and promoting new ways of foreign trade.

In order to make foreign trade smarter and to move away from traditional ways, two important programs have been implemented by the Trade Promotion Organization,” the official said.

The mentioned platform is designed so that traders can have a detailed analysis of the destination markets, Peyman-Pak said, adding: “Instead of spending days for identifying appropriate trade partners traders can quickly find potential markets with the help of data mining, whose job is to collect market information and analyze it.

Noting that using such platforms has been popular in developed countries for years, the official said: “With the information collected using artificial intelligence, our businessmen are able to identify certain products and learn about the target community that has a demand for those products to become prepared to get into the business without wasting too much time.

According to the TPO head, the mentioned platform is currently undergoing trial stages for the validation of the collected data, and it will go into the operational stage in the coming weeks and the information extracted by this platform will be available to traders.

He also announced reaching agreements with China, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to connect the mentioned platforms to the databases of these countries and said: “Since billions must be spent for a platform to be recognized in the world, and our domestic companies cannot afford this cost, we negotiated with China, UAE, and Russia to prepare the ground for connecting our database to the platforms of these countries.



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