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Aug 13th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Entrepreneurship is IranSCOCOEX most important opportunity

Entrepreneurship is IranSCOCOEX most important opportunity

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Entrepreneurship is IranSCOCOEX most important opportunity

Mehdi Zinali, a member of the Iran SCOCOEX council said that the exhibition has started its activity under the supervision of the Trade Development Organization also the International Exhibitions Company, Saman Bank, Tejarat Bank, the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and the Chamber of Commerce are ready for due cooperation.

Zinali added, "Our main goal and mission is to expand economic interaction and focus on gaining business connections for the development of sustainable exports and import specially export of Iranian goods and suppling of raw materials and technology from different countries such as  Russia, this exhibition will facilitate this important.

The member of the IranSCOCOEX board also explained the importance of holding the first exhibition of the event in solving Iran's economic challenges and said "So far, 25 countries are ready to participate in this event that help them to share their economic subjects.

Currently, Russia is facing sanctions and wants to use our experience to bypass the sanctions and get closer to us economically," he continued.

Zinali concluded, "The biggest opportunity that this event provides is entrepreneurship and people's well-being, which has also grabbed the government's attention. I hope we can help the government and the Establishment to pass this stage successfully.



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