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Aug 13th
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Home Culture Cultural News The story of five years of captivity

The story of five years of captivity

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The story of five years of captivity

The book's cover catches your attention immediately, and the title "The strong smell of mustard" automatically conjures images of chemical gases and Iraq's attacks on Iran for anyone who sees it.

Many of us have read about Iraq's chemical attacks in books or watched movies about them. The narrator of the book mentions memories of chemical bombs in addition to memories of the front and captivity: "It didn't take long for a garlic-like smell to permeate the entire area. I assumed that they had dropped chemical bombs based on previous reports, and I could immediately detect a strong mustard smell.

This book tells the story of Seyyed Muhammad Nabi Malek Husseini's five-year captivity by the Baathist army. This 183-page book, which was compiled and assembled by two young authors, was published by Sooreh Mehr Publications in the year 1400.

Muhammad Nabi joined the military voluntarily when he was 16 years old. A year later, he was taken captive in a surprise operation and imprisoned at the Romadiya camp for 5 years. His years on the front are covered in the first and second chapters, and his years as a prisoner in the camp are covered in the third and fourth chapters.



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