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Aug 13th
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Home Economy Economy News TCCIMA calls on govt. to reduce interfering in economic affairs

TCCIMA calls on govt. to reduce interfering in economic affairs

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TCCIMA calls on govt. to reduce interfering in economic affairs

TEHRAN – During the 87th meeting of the dialogue council of the government and the Tehran Province’s private sector which was held on Tuesday, the representatives of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA) called on the government to reduce interfering in economic affairs.

The meeting was attended by TCCIMA Head Masoud Khansari, and representatives of various government and private sector institutions and organizations, the TCCIMA portal reported.

During the gathering, the private sector representatives analyzed and examined the cases of government interventions in various markets such as poultry and eggs, livestock feed, small-scale and renewable power plants, postal services, and the textile industry, pointing out the problems and challenges created by this approach and called for reducing such interventions.

Speaking in the meeting, Khansari stated that the less the government intervenes in economic affairs, the better the results.

As an example, the TCCIMA head pointed to the situation of the poultry industry in the country and said: “Over 96 percent of production in this industry is carried out by the private sector, however, the whole process of importing raw materials is done by the government.

The Agriculture Ministry continues to force poultry breeders to keep certain breeds of chickens that are not economically justifiable for them, and insisting on following such approaches in the country's poultry industry will cost the industry a lot, he added.

Also, the Chairman of the Board of the Textile Industry Association spoke about the problems created for the production units of this industry following the changes in import duties and customs tariffs.

Elsewhere in the meeting, some issues related to the activities of transportation companies including the constant changes in the names of streets and roads were raised by some attendees.



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