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Jun 06th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News US reacts to successful launch of Zoljanah satellite carrier

US reacts to successful launch of Zoljanah satellite carrier

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US reacts to successful launch of Zoljanah satellite carrier

While criticizing the launch of Zoljanah satellite carrier, a White House spokesperson called it "useless and destabilizing".

The White House also said it was committed to impose sanctions and use other measures to prevent Iran from further progressing its ballistic missile program.

Earlier on Sunday, a spokesman for the Iranian Defense Ministry said that Zoljanah satellite launch vehicle has been tested again for research purposes.

Seyyed Ahmad Hosseini, spokesman of the Defense Ministry’s Space Organization said three research launches were planned for Zoljanah satellite launch vehicle, a second of which was carried out.

He added that the second test was for research purposes and the third test will also be for research purposes as well.

Hosseini added Zoljanah is a three-stage carrier that can compete with the world’s current carriers, and has two stages of solid propulsion and a single liquid one.

Zoljanah, was made by the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics and was unveiled on Feb. 1, 2021.



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